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22 November 2007 @ 12:53 pm
Fic: "Demeter's Daughter", Chapter 2. Sinister/Rachel, Rated MA  
Title: Demeter's Daughter, Chapter 2.
Authors: sionnain and resolute
Fandom: 616-verse X-Men, ends up AU
Pairing: Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, and Rachel Grey
Rating: dear heavens, NC-17
Warnings, Notes, etc: Contains graphic sex and graphic violence. Dub-con. Makes references to non-con. In addition, Resolute thinks the X-Men treat Rachel pretty poorly, and her biases show.
Summary: Rachel Grey is the only scion of the Summers-Grey line that Sinister has so far ignored. When Rachel returns from space, scarred and broken again, she is in no position to defend herself from him.

AN: The title and quote are from the Grace Griffith song Demeter's Daughter.This is Chapter 2 of a multi-chapter fic.

Chapter 1

(Chapter 2).
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